In 2007, I was looking for a contractor to build a concrete block retaining wall on the shoreline of my Lake property. In the early stages of the project I encountered difficulties with contractors, such as slow responses to my inquiries, open-ended quotes, plus a general lack of expertise, specialized equipment, and enthusiasm in Lake related projects. After a long search, I eventually found a contractor who was capable and willing to build to rigorous specification that hadn’t been achieved on Lake Hartwell.

Needless to say, that the Wall was permitted by the US Army Corps of Engineers, and that the Ranger was involved throughout the process.

While my retaining wall was being constructed, the contractor and I agreed that a customer not only expects a great finished product, but also professional handling of the project including the design, the quotation, the communication, all the way to the conclusion. In short, a customer looks for a superior product AND great service. With my Mechanical Engineering Education and experience in project management (and being a certified Project Management Professional PMP) the contractor and I came up with the idea to collaborate and specialize in shoreline projects on Lake Hartwell.

It didn’t take long until we got our first work order for a Block Retaining Wall with integrated Steps. Just a few years later we were considered the largest retaining wall builder on Lake Hartwell.

After the first few wall projects, we were approached by a customer who was looking for a solution to cross over his existing RipRap while the lake was at low elevation, have the possibility to move the boat dock up and down the bank, plus have the option to secure the boat dock at normal lake elevations. We came up with a solution that addressed all these requirements with a superior design ensuring stability and longevity. Together with the very supportive US Army Corps of Engineer Ranger and his Supervisor we build the first set of Concrete Block Shoreline Steps with Wheel Ramps on Lake Hartwell.

When talking to customers we often heard complaints about concrete cart paths (walkways) that had been made by "cheap" contractors. The concrete would be breaking, the surface would be uneven, the edges so rough that children got hurt. My business partner has been dealing with concrete pads and paths for 25 years. We knew we can do superior Concrete Cart Paths with Turnaround, so our 3rd product line was born. We do not claim to be the cheapest and don't want to be. But we design, form, pour, and finish concrete to the highest standards while still being price competitive.

Along the way of these product developments we noticed the need for key services at the shores of Lake Hartwell.

Out of town residents couldn’t watch their dock while lake elevation constantly changes. A fair agreement was drafted that gives customer the option to have their dock moved by us, or move it themselves if time allows. Important is a trustful cooperation that assures the dock is taken care of. We call it Boat Dock Monitor & Move Service.

People new to the lake sometimes get surprised how quickly water elevation can change and find their dock grounded, or under water. No problem, we get it back into a normal position through our Boat Dock Rescue.

The 2007 shoreline management plan issued by the Corps of Engineers requires concrete walkways to be colored by dye/stain for all new permits, but also when an existing permit is renewed and in case of change of ownership. My good friend Mitch, who has been in the concrete business for over 15 years, does all the Concrete Staining work for Prime Lake Services.

Because of the general satisfaction of my customers and the fact that I live on the lake myself, I have been asked various times to provide other services as well. Similar to the above-mentioned services, I usually find a small contractor who is reliable and willing to provide cost-effective work. Then I take full responsibility for the work and manage the project.